Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trip to Atlanta

I'm back from ASTA and what a great time was had by all! Attendance was very good and also a great atmosphere because of March Madness. The bars were packed with people cheering on their teams, what fun! Developing Virtuosity is a hit! Many thanks to Amy Marr for getting THAT ball rolling, using the books in her eclectic strings session. I found out later that there were quite a few sessions that highlighted Latham publications, resulting in strong sales of even older publications in the booth. I'm very grateful to have such wonderful colleagues, fans of the publications, and dear old friends. Thanks for all the hugs and support. I particularly want to thank Bruce Bush for his wisdom and compassion. He emphasized that I should view my situation as a layoff or downsizing. What a smart man! Thanks to my coauthor Gayley Hautzenroeder for working her TAIL off at the method end of the booth while I helped customers with the chamber music. Thanks to Thom Sharp (sorry about Ohio U, but wasn't it great they made UNC sweat?) for his snazzy original compositions that make Developing Virtuosity pop! Every time I played Big Bad Boogie, I gathered a smiling crowd, who would bop along! I'm am so very lucky to have had so many talented people contribute to the Latham catalog over the years. I've developed a new "attitude of gratitude." My current situation can not negate the past success of a company that started with 9 publications for cello ensemble and grew into something that could produce a publication like Developing Virtuosity!

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